Digital Ad Eye Tracking



Our digital ad eye tracker can capture viewing audience gazes  from your digital ad displays from one to many locations simultaneously. 

Find out detail viewing stats about your digital advertising:

  • How many people viewed your ad
  • How many people looked  but didn't watch it
  • How long they viewed your ad
  • Which ad did better than others
  • Which location did better than others
  • Test different Ad versions
  • Use mixed media (static, slide show, TV commercial)

    Breakout Stats:
    By the hour - Day - Week - Quarter - Year - Location
    (Total viewing time, number of viewers, number of non-viewers)

    Comparative Analysis
    By Ad - By Location - By Time Line
    (Total viewing time, number of viewers, number of non-viewers)

Setup Digital Eye Trackers in:

  • Expos - Airports - Malls - Retail Stores 

Our Ad Eye Tracker system can be mounted on your existing panel display or we can install our portable 42" digital panel display.  Digital Ad Eye Tracking starts immediately upon activation and runs 24/7.