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Adding Eye Tracking to your market research answers these questions: 
"Where are they looking, What are they looking at, and Did they see the key advertising areas."

Use eye tracking to improve Print Ads, Websites, Packaging, Logo impact, Shelf placement, TV Commercials, Software, Games and more!

  • Measure what respondents see
  • Pre-test your design to dramatically improve impact
  • Understand user behavior and audience responses
  • Eye track testing provides unique methods to assess the impact of advertisements, packaging and web pages.

  • Seeing where people look accurately reflects their thinking and what information they are processing – insights that cannot be obtained directly with other testing methods.

  • By effectively testing your designs before launch, you are able to greatly improve its impact and avoid large spending on suboptimal design.


You can change your concepts throughout your research and test several versions instantly.  No need to rush out to Kinko's! With eye tracking research you can test several versions of your concept.  Interchange concept versions on the fly while tracking trends in real time.  

A project doesn’t need to be finished before you conduct Eye Track testing. There are various stages of product definition and development during which testing can be effective. The earlier in the process you conduct eye tracking research, the less costly it is to make changes, and the greater your ROI.  


We provide close up video recording for PiP

We use two video cameras to
capture the users profile view PiP
and  Session Recording.

This video clip is the Session
Recording view.  This camera
angle allows you to see the
users full profile complete with
mouse movement, facial and
body language, so that you can
see the emotional responses
during the sessions.

This video is burned to DVD or
CD to use in your reports.


Use Eye Tracking for TV Commercial Ads 

Test your TV Commercial Ads
with our Eye Tracker. Your
respondent views the TV ad as
they would on TV.

You get full eye tracking of what
is being seen, what's not being
seen, plus emotional response.

Full Gaze replay (like this demo),
Heat Maps, Area of Interest, and
Gaze Plot Mapping overlay.

This video is burned to DVD or
CD to use in your reports.

Back Room Viewing Monitors & Screen Projection

We provide five 17" high resolution flat panel video monitors so  that you can view the Eye Tracking Lab sessions up close in real time.  

  • See the eye tracking as it occurs in real time
  • See picture-in-picture (PIP) view of the respondent
  • See the entire interview without having to move around the room
  • All of this in real time

We can also project the video up to 6' wide on a projector screen or wall

17" Flat Screen Backroom Video Monitors


Print Ad Eye Tracking

Eye Tracking Analysis Ad Version 1 -  When the woman is looking away from product, test respondents tend to look at the woman and the upper tagline  ignoring the product. 
Eye Tracking Analysis Ad Version 2 -  When the woman looks at the product, test respondents tend to look at the woman, the upper tag line and the product.


Portable Kiosk Eye Tracking

The portable eye tracking kiosk is designed to quickly perform eye tracking where a high concentration of respondents are available for media testing. 

This setup is ideal when you want to gather eye tracking impressions of concepts from a real time live audience in a targeted environment.  

Key Features: Ideal for Mall intercepts, Trade Shows, Conferences. No recruiting required, Low incentive, High Respondent Throughput.


Website Eye Tracking Session (demo) 

Key Feature: PIP (Picture in Picture) can be enabled during eye tracking to record the respondent as they are looking at the screen and talking.  This PIP AV file can be exported as a WMV (Windows Media Video) or AVI that can be played on any PC or DVD player.  The audio can be export as a MP3 or WMA file.