Follow Me Eye Tracking Pricing



Vision Track Research Follow Me Eye Tracking ~ Full Day - $2,000.00
Usability research for: Shop Along, Product Shelf & Full Wall Testing Includes: Virtual wall projection

  • Eye Tracking Lab includes:
    • Eye Track Monitoring system – records all respondent Shelf  & Wall eye gaze activity
    • Onsite mobile setup – Anywhere your research is (store, facility, office, mall)
    • Full Video Recording of Follow Me session & burned – to DVD or CD/VCD
    • Audio recording – Full session audio recording in MP3 or WMA format - burned to Audio CD
    • Full time onsite technician operator

Data Output Deliverables  

    • Data Output Deliverables – Gaze Plot & Heat Map Graphics Data
      • Eye Tracking Gaze Replay – Full video recording with eye tracking path (AVI/DVD format)
      • Eye Tracking Gaze Path Graphics – Showing gaze path point overlays of session images
      • Eye Tracking Areas Of Interest Graphics – Showing AOI capture areas
      • Eye Tracking Hot Spot Graphics – Showing hot and cold gaze plot areas of session images
    • Data Output Deliverables –AOI Data (Areas Of Interest) (Numeric)
      • Area Of Interest (AOI) data output for all media (print, video, shelf)
      • Includes: Start & End Time, Duration, AOI definition table
      • Exported Data Formats:  Excel & Importable universal alpha/numeric Flat Text File
      • Graph table data in Common Industry Format (CFI) – effectiveness,  efficiency, minimum, maximum, mean and standard deviation statistics
    • Data Output Deliverables –Fixation Data (Numeric)
      • Fixation Data Table – Numeric cross reference index  table to Gaze Plot Data
      • Includes: fixation number, Start & Stop timestamp, & duration
      • Exported Data Formats:  Excel & universal alpha/numeric Flat Text File

All of our Data Output is 100% Software Import tested

All exported data & video output files we produce on CD/DVD can be edited, clipped, and inserted into a variety of off the shelf products that you can use to create your research reports.