Secret Shopper Eye Tracking



Vision Track Secret Shopper Eye Tracking ~ Full Day - $1,500.00
Usability research for: Shop Along, Product Shelf & Full Wall Testing Includes: Virtual wall projection

  • Eye Tracking Lab includes:
    • Secret Cam Monitoring system records all respondent shopping activity
    • Onsite mobile setup Anywhere your research is (store, facility, office, mall)
    • Full Video Recording of Secret Shopper session - Burned to DVD or CD/VCD
    • Audio recording of Secret Shopper session in MP3 or WMA format - burned to Audio CD
    • Full time onsite technician operator

Deliverables that are included:  

    • Video & Audio Deliverables
      • Gaze Replay Video Full playback video of each respondents shop along (AVI/DVD format)
      • Verbatim Audio CD Full playback audio of each respondents shop along (CD-Mp3 or WAV)
      • IDI Post Video Full DVD-CD video of each respondents post interview (Optional)

Add on options

Post Secret Shopper Eye Tracking Interview
After the respondent returns, he/she can be interviewed about the shopping experience

         In-depth Interview Recording (Optional) Full video recording of each post interview. COST: $350.00 per day
The respondent sits at the table and watches the playback of their sessions as the moderator performs the in-depth interview against the discussion guide.

         Desktop Eye Tracking Review (Optional) COST: $800.00 per day
The respondent sits at the table with the Desktop Eye Tracking Video system. The items that were chosen are displayed and eye tracking is performed during the in-depth interview.  This gives you the advantage of performing close up eye tracking of the selected products or static image of the isle/shelf area. 

Estimated Cost Breakdown:

         Vision Track Research Secret Shopper Tracking System ~ Full Day - $1,500.00 Up to 8 Respondents

         Vision Track Research Desktop Eye Tracking System ~ Full Day - $800.00 - Optional

         Post Interview Video & Audio Recording  ~ $350.00 per day - Optional

    Viewing Clients Web Cast ~ $500.00 per day Up to 15 viewers - Optional

     Fixed Video Competitor Area Surveillance  ~ $500.00 per day - Optional (requires permission)

     Fixed Video Shop Along Area Surveillance ~ $500.00 per day - Optional

     Video Marker Clip Editing ~ $550.00 per day Optional

     Travel & Equipment Shipping Expenses At Cost